CERE - Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy,

Energy Efficiency and Environment


We aim to shape the present in the multicultural, regional, and global environment by providing intelligent energy, innovative products and services for the future by cooperating in ecologic, economic, and human harmony.


Renate Burian, 2000

CERE is a network of experts and acts worldwide in an interdisciplinary and multicultural way.  It links professional competence, knowhow and the most up-to-date technologies in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental technology.

As a non-profit organization, CERE provides its members with the structural environment necessary in order to ensure the formal requirements for successful project development.  CERE also supplies its members with a platform for communication, information, transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience as well as for cross-selling.

Through cooperation with national and international networks, CERE is able to clearly structure processes and goals which further link current research cognitions to corporate practices on a sustainable, day-to-day basis.



Mobility Week

The European Mobility Week is an awareness raising campaign aiming at sensibilising citizens to the use of public transport, cycling, walking and at encouraging European cities to promote these modes of transport and to invest in the new necessary infrastructures.